15 Month Visit Bright Futures Handout edited by Mark Simonian MD

Taking and Feeling
1. Show your child how to use words
2. Describe your child's gestures with words
3. Use simple, clear phrases to talk to your child
4. When reading use simple words to describe the pictures
5. Try to give choices. allow your child to choose between two good options such as a banana or an apple, or two favorite books
6. Your child may be anxious in front of new people

A Good Night's Sleep
1. Make the hour before bedtime loving and calm
2. Have a simple bedtime routine that includes a book
3. Put your child to bed the same time each night
4. Try to tuck in your child when she or he is drowsy
5. Avoid giving enjoyable attention if your child wakes during the night. Use words to reassure and give a blanket  or toy to hold for comfort

1. Keep the child safety seat rear facing until 2 years of age
2. Do not use the front seat of a care unless you can disable the airbag
3. Everyone should wear a seatbelt in the care
4. Lock away andy poisons, medicines or cleaning supplies
5. Call Poison Control (see below) if you are worried that your child has eaten anything harmful
6. Place gates at the bottom and top of stairs. Keep furniture away from open windows
7. Keep your child away from pot handles, small appliances, fireplaces, and space heaters.
8. Lock away cigarettes, matches, lighters, and alcohol
9. Have working smoke and carbon monixide alarms and an escape plan
10. Set your water heater temperature below 120 degrees F

Temper Tantrums
1. Use distraction to stop tantrums when you can
2. Limit the need to say, "No" by making your home and yard safe for play
3. Praise your child for behaving well
4. Set limits and use discipline to teach and protect your child , no punish
5 Let your choose between twwo good things for food, toys , drinks and books

Healthy Teeth
1. Dr. Simonian will do some dental screening and if anyone has concerns refer to a dentist that sees children
2. Brush your child's teeth after breakfast and at bedtime each day with a soft toothbrush a only enough flouride toothpaste
3. Use only water if using a bottle
5. Avoid sharing cups or spoons and use a only one toothbrush per person (don't share); don't clean a pacifier in your mouth

What to Expect at 18 Month Visit
1. Talking and reading with your child
2. Playgroups
3. Preparing your other children for a new baby
4. Spending time with your family and spouse
5. Car and home safety
6. Toilet traing
7. Setting limits and using time outs

Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
Child Safety Seat Inspection: 1-866-seatcheck; www.seatcheck.org