15 to 17 Year Visit from Bright Futures Edited By Mark M Simonian MD

Your Growing and Changing Child
1. Take your child to the dentist twice a year
2. Encourage your teenage to protect their hearing whether at school, work, or concerts
3. Keep a variety of healthy foods at home
4. Help your teen get enough calcium
5. Plan to have your teenage get at least 1 hour of vigorous exercise daily
6. Praise your child when they do something well

Healthy Behavior Choices
1. Talk with your teenager about your values and your expectations about drinking, smoking, drug use, driving and sexual behavior. Praise them when they make good choices
2. Be available if your teen needs support or help in making healthy decisions
3. Encourage healthy friendships and fun, safe things to do with friends

Feelings and Family
1. Set some time aside to listen to your teenagers hopes and dreams
2. Support your teenagers as they learn how to deal with stress
3. Support your teenager as they learn how to do problem solving and making decisions
4. If you have concerns that your teenager is sad, depressed, nervous, hopeless, or angry, I can help find the resources to discover and problems and find the best treatments

School and Friends 
1. Help them find a healthy after-school program or sports
2. Encourage reading
3. Help your child find activities he or she loves
4. Help them find a healthy after-school program or sports
5. Encourage your teen to help others in the community

Violence and Injuries
1. Drinking and driving are not acceptable at any age
2. Insist that seat belts be used by all
3. Limit the number of friends in the car, nighttime driving, and distractions
4. Bullying is not acceptable
5. Safeguard guns and ammunition to a safe location in the home.
6. Teach how to deal with conflict without using violence
7. Make sure that your teenager understands that healthy dating relationships are built on respect and that saying "No" is okay.