Chicken Pox


This is a viral infection that is quite contagious from one to two days before

the rash erupts until all the rash has scabbed. The rash starts as a red blotch that becomes raised and quickly forms a clear blister at its center. The blister quickly ruptures and then scabs. The rash appears in groups called “crops.” Fever is usually present in the earliest stages of the illness. Fever that occurs later in the illness may indicate the start of a secondary bacterial illness that needs my attention. Itching may be intense the first few days of blistering rash. Calamine™ or Caladryl™ lotions may help reduce the itching. Baking soda baths are useful to reduce the itching too. I often recommend Benadryl™ or other over-the-counter antihistamine prescriptions to control the itching. The illness last 7 to 10 days. One infection usually establishes lifelong immunity, but repeat cases are possible.