Health Guide for Parents (under development)


Health Guide for Parents is not meant to substitute for a conversation with your child's doctor. This guide helps parents determine what basic considerations a parent may make before calling their child’s doctor or pediatric emergency room.

One or two words will trigger concise information to review before making your call. Illnesses included are abdominal pain, asthma, burns, a cold, eye infection, constipation, cough, croup, crying, a cut, diarrhea, ear complaint, fever, insect bite, medication question, injury, rash, respiratory distress, sore throat, and vomiting.

The Google Assistant app can be triggered by using one of three trigger calls (Speak to, Ask, or Talk to and the App name (Guide for Parents) like: “Okay Google, Speak to Guide to Parents.” One or two word prompts will be followed with some of the critical points that could be advice the parent might have received with a call to the pediatrician.

This Google Assistant app was developed by Dr. Mark M. Simonian, MD FAAP and released …pending approval.

You will need access to the Google Assistant, which is built into Android phones and is available free for an Apple phone. For Apple devices, you need to go the the App store and download the Google Assistant app one time. The Google Assistant will be a great tool for looking up things like Dr. Simonian’s app to calculate Tylenol or Motrin doses for your child based on their weight in whole pounds. The apps mentioned on this site are currently unavailable to work in Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

Stay tuned for YouTube videos of the app in action.