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This Website will help you meet the common needs of newborn babies and older children and adolescents. It provides helpful hints on how to keep your child healthy and happy. I hope it will be a good resource for you in those times when questions about your child arise.

Your child is a unique individual from the day he or she is born. Adapt these instructions to your child. Do not depend on friends and relatives. I will be happy to answer your questions while you are in the hospital or later by phone and during your visits to my office. Through the year, I will give you detailed instructions for your child.

I will remind you that I have another patient Web site ( with  links to your child's  health information. The Web site also allows you to view your child’s health information for times when you might have more than one doctor. This health record can be shared with any doctor you choose or you may keep it private for your family use only. You can obtain summary of information on vaccines received, allergies, medications, some billing summaries and more.