Pediatric Guide To Referrals

Last Updated 12/21/2015
    I refer to private practice sub-specialists as well as sub-specialists that are located at Valley Children’s Hospital  (353-3000). The following examples have the most recent information but you might want to check the telephone book or Internet for additional information. (For HMO see their provider list)

Isabelo Artacho 227-7140
Steve Ehrreich (Children's) 353-6215

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dave or Dan Dorough 297-9500
Gilbert Moran 299-9000
Mike Illingworth 323-9300

Ophthalmology (Pediatric)
Andrea Lanier 449-5010 (under 3 years)
Derek Holt 486-2000 Clovis (children)
Jeremy Poulsen (General Care) 449-5050

John Sorter (Our Medical Building) 299-7430

Allen Clyde (Our Building) 298-7533

Psychology and Psychiatry

Sudhakar Reddivalam 353-5550 at Children's

Pediatric Surgery
Michael Allshouse (Children's)353-7290
David Hodge (Fresno Community) 440-9740

Physical Therapy (see Link)

Urology (Circumcision)
Narayana Ambati or Kuldip Beniwahl 321-2800
Valley Children's Urology 353-3000






AM Aminian 447-1700
Nasir Baz 436-4500

Richard Demera 431-0340
Troy Scribner (no HMO) 299-2950

Dentist (General)
Donald Kinosian 299-0251
Kubo Orthodontics 438-7600

Dentist (Pediatric Only) 
Thomas H Larson 431-9701
Rick Jelmini 439-2147
Drs. Evans and Kunkel 439-6600

Scott Boswell 439.3000
University Dermatology 266-4100
Raymond Kidwell (Clovis) 297-9520

Mahin Bayatpour 359-4300 at Children's

Ear, Nose, Throat
Brent Lanier 432-3303

Judy Davis 438-8400
Valley Children's GI Clinic 353-5745

Infectious Disease
James McCarty 353-5120 at Children's

Lactation Consultant
Tess Johnson 905-6635
Amy Evan's 459-6000