Ring Worm

Ring worm is a common skin infection caused by a fungus that invades the superficial layers of the skin. The name refers to the “ringed” appearance of the red rash. The rash begins as a round, small, red spot or pea sized bump. It’s center slowly pales, giving the appearance of a red ring. The ring grows, leaving a red, raised scaly rash which can be grouped or singular anywhere on the body.

Fortunately, it can be treated with readily available over-the-counter medications like Tinactin™, Micatin™, Lotramin™ or Lamasil™. I prefer Lamasil™ but there are many different medications available. Treatment consists of spreading the cream or ointment sparingly over the rash twice a day. There should be dramatic improvement over a weeks time. If the rash does not improve or it worsens, I should see the rash in my office to determine if an infection or if some other condition exists.