Safety Check List

A car seat and safety belts are the best investment you will ever make for your child’s long life and safety. Everything you ever wanted to know about car seats and safety at

Always keep one hand on the baby while bathing or while he or she lies on the bed.

Check water temperature before bathing.

Keep pins closed and small objects out of reach.

Keep toys free of splinters and sharp edges; remove loose parts which may be swallowed.

Keep your baby away from hot stoves, radiators, pipes, open fires, barbecues or cigarettes.

Do not lay the baby on soft, heavy pillows which can lead to suffocation.

Keep electric sockets closed and cords out of reach.

Furniture and lamps should be secure or out of reach so they cannot be pulled over onto the baby.

Keep all medications, poisons, solvents or harsh chemicals out of reach and locked up. (see Poisons...)

You should purchase an ounce of syrup of ipecac at the drug store to have on hand should poison control or I should advise this to induce vomiting of an accidentally ingested poison. This should only be given on my advice or the advice of poison control.

Swimming instructions start at 3 to 5 years of age. Please fence your pool and learn CPR especially if you own a pool.

All children, adolescents and their parents should wear

safety helmets or head gear when riding bikes.

Ask me if you have any questions on safety issues.