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   I believe all my patients should have access to useful health information. I provide this Web site to help you obtain information about your children when I am not available – 24 hours a day, every day. If you have any suggestions about this Web site, please contact the office at 559.538.3070. Hours: M, T, W, Th, F 8:00-5


I retired January 8, 2019. This website will continue on, providing useful information for families and interested parties looking at health information for children. Patient records are available for families through Magnolia Pediatrics or Valley Children’s Healthcare, but I encourage you to stay. It has been an honor and pleasure helping your children and families since 1980 in Clovis. Please say or wave, “Hi,” if you see me out-and-about. I live only a short walk from my old practice. Keep an eye out for changes in this website as I expand it with new technology and software I develop (in retirement).

For after hours questions call 559.538-3070

Recommended Urgent Care and Emergency Room Contacts
Peachwood Pediatric number 324-6201 275 W Herndon, Clovis;
Valley Children's Hospital 559.353-3000
Clovis Emergency Room no pediatrician on duty 
other urgent care may provide adequate care, but I am not aware of other sites that have pediatrician supported oversight except Valley Children’s ED or Peachwood urgent care..

Flu Vaccine for the 2018-2019 season are here in limited amounts
(10/25/18) We’ve received Flu vaccine for 3 years and older so you can call for appointment to get your child’s dose this year. Some Flu vaccine for under three years arrived. Do not delay and call for an appointment, because supplies will be limited this year. If you believe your child has respiratory flu, check the following link for options or call during office hours if you have questions.    See Influenza

Dr. Simonian on TV

When I started my practice in the early years I was easily accessible to the media. This gave me the opportunity to share important topics related to children. I concentrated on safety issues but was also called upon to speak on the health issue of the day. Click here [ Videos ]

[Enjoy a ride in my waiting room ] through a YouTube video about a Disneyland like tour around the park in our office train.  Updated 7/17/18 ...Or watch the 5 minute ride from a passenger on the [ Shelf train.]

Care Philosophy

Our office provides easy and prompt access for your kids. Let us know how we can help you.

Magnolia Practice Location (patient records available)

Mark M Simonian MD
2497 East Herndon
Clovis, California 93611-6803
559-538-3070 (Map to our location)


I am trained and Board certified in Pediatrics. I am a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and have special interest in areas of injury prevention and health information technology.


Magnolia Pedaitrics accepts many insurance plans (except HMO). Please call us to see if we can help you.

Notice to Consumers

Recommended Additional Website for more children's information is my professional association's www.healthychildren.org


There are many topics covered in the navigation bar. You can either Click through topics and find a subject or just do a Search. You will find information related to the word(s) you use.

 This Website will help you meet the common needs of newborn babies and older children and adolescents. It provides helpful hints on how to keep your child healthy and happy. I hope it will be a good resource for you in those times when questions about your child arise.

Your child is a unique individual from the day he or she is born. Adapt these instructions to your child. Do not depend on friends and relatives. I will be happy to answer your questions while you are in the hospital or later by phone and during your visits to my office. Through the year, I will give you detailed instructions for your child.

Dr. Simonian adds a Facebook site

Facebook has become so popular that a large portion of Americans use it as their primary news source. I decided I could add some topics there that were timely issues that I was seeing in the office. I will link to various sources including the articles on my website.


Dr. Simonian joins Twitter.

We wanted to add a helpful service to your family using Twitter by updating you quickly about changes in vaccine availability, notifications from health advisory groups like the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and local health department. But, please don't use Twitter to contact me. This is only for announcements. Please call the office with your patient questions. You can follow me: @SimonianMd