Facial Rash

One of the most common facial rash is called impetigo. Impetigo is caused by bacteria such as Streptococcus or Staphylococcus. Children with runny noses from colds or allergies seem to be commonly effected.

Honey colored, crusts build up at the opening of the nose or nostrils. Then there is rapid spread around the mouth and face. Left unchecked, the rash spreads to other areas of the body by scratching. The infection can start as a simple pimple or pustule, enlarging with weeping crusts noticeable in some children. A scratching child collects the bacteria under their nails. If their skin or other children’s skin is scratched, new sores develop.

This infection is common before puberty. The chemical structure of the skin is different before puberty and is more susceptible to the invasion of the bacteria often found on normal skin.

At the first sign of this infection some simple measures may prevent spread, control the growth or clear up the topical infection. Many over the counter creams and ointments help. Try Bacitracin™, Neosporin™, or Betadine™. Clearing the crusts with warm compresses, prevents the bacteria growing in the crusts from reinfecting the skin. If a couple of days of treatment produces little improvement, you should set up an appointment to determine if oral antibiotics are needed.