Flat Head Syndrome (or Plagiocephaly)

A portion of the newborn baby head may be flattened shortly after birth. This is a very common observation and in most situations disappears as the baby moves more. It is a result of pressure on the soft scalp and bone and rarely can last for a long time. There is no underlying complication to the baby’s brain or result in any effects to the behavior or intelligence.

Flat Head Syndrome is often a result of the baby sleeping on their backs or one position but may last for months. I do regular exams of the head at each visit during the first year. I am happy to answer your questions during the visit.

At a national pediatric meeting I found a safe bonnet that might be reassuring tool for your family for use to reduce the longer periods of time and pressure on a single point on the head by gently moving the head. The following link will have more information and a video on this inexpensive tool you might consider if you are worried about the flattened area of the head.

You can find more information on the bonnet (see below) at http://tortle.com/about-flat-head-syndrome/ Instructions on ordering the bonnet (under $25.00) will be found on the same Website.I can show you one of the bonnets in my office.

1.  Login to http://tortle.com

2.  Place cursor over the "SHOP" drop down tab

3.  Select "NOW AVAILABLE The Clinical Tortle Air For Maximum Treatment"

4.  Select the appropriate size.  Remember to measure the babies head to determine the size and give the sizing information to the parents.

5.  Select the Color.  As of right now, the Clinical Tortle is only available in Classic White

6.  Enter the desired quantity and click on the box marked "ADD TO CART"

7.  Enter SBM into the box titled "Coupon Code" and click the box titled "Apply Code"

8.  Scroll down and click on the box titled "Proceed to Checkout"

9.  Follow Billing Instructions and select "Place Order" on the bottom of the page

The parent may  purchase the retail versions of the Tortle AIR from the same store, and the coupons still apply, however, the Clinical Tortle AIR is the only version that has all of the sizing options to ensure the bonnet remains secure on the infant's head.  The clinical Tortle AIR is also the only model offered inside hospitals.