Premenstrual Syndrome PMS

This a group of feelings or physical changes that some adolescents and older women get about one week prior to their menses. You might notice any combination of these symptoms : increased acne, feeling tired, feeling bloated, increased appetite, weight gain, breast soreness, mood swings, headaches, constipation, and feeling irritable.

Suggestions for the relief of PMS symptoms. Please consider these ideas if you believe your adolescents symptoms sound like PMS syndrome. Keep tract of the time of the month and the cycle of the periods. It will be easier to make sense of the strange feelings if you are aware it might be PMS causing the changes you are experiencing.

The next few suggestions are general and apply to many situations, but especially to PMS. Get enough rest but its important to establish a regular routine of exercise. Extra caffeine can cause a problem, plus dramatic changes in diet with extra sugar can aggravate the symptoms. Try to reduce stress at times when it is more difficult to deal with it.