As long as your baby is nursing, taking formula or receiving supplementary vitamins with fluoride, there is no need for orange juice. Vitamin drops will provide an ample supply of Vitamin C for your baby so orange juice which contains Vitamin C is not needed. O.J. may cause allergies in small infants, so it is preferable to wait until 9 months or longer before starting it. Commercially prepared vitamins with fluoride will be prescribed at your child’s six month visit. I will advise you when to start solid foods. My preference is to leave your infant on breast milk or formula exclusively for the first 4 to 6 months. Do not use cow’s milk becaue of problems with adequate digestion, allergy and intestinal bleeding that can cause anemia. The earlier solid foods are started, the greater your infant’s chances of having difficulties with future allergies or bowel problems.

Vitamins and increased appetite?

Vitamins play an essential role in the body’s machinery and basic chemical reactions. Without vitamins, individual human cells would stop functioning. When severe and prolonged deficiencies occur, many obvious and subtle changes can be all detected. These include rashes and skin changes, personality changes, disorders of organ functions, blood pressure

One question that often arises during office visits or phone calls – my two or five year old’s appetite isn’t what it used to be; can this be improved with vitamins and minerals?

The human body is very efficient about how it uses these vitamins. It only requires small amounts of vitamins and minerals each day. The body grows at a certain rate, rapidly during the first 9 to 18 months. Substantial amounts of foods are required to meet growth needs. When the rate of growth slows, the need for food decreases in the same proportion. Taking additional minerals and vitamins, will not increase growth beyond what has been determined by the baby’s genetics. Vitamins don’t control the body’s rate of growth, and your child’s natural appetite for foods won’t increase with mineral and vitamin supplements. This does not apply to children with severe deficiencies of these essential elements, but these children are very rare in the normal population.
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