Pinworms are the most common type of intestinal infection in children in America. The adult worm measures about ¼ of an inch in length.

You can barely see it without a magnifying glass. Pinworms cause no symptoms in the majority of children they infest. You cannot get an infection from pets only from another infected child or adult.

Symptoms caused by pinworms are usually confined to the areas surrounding the rectum, although in girls the worms can cause symptoms in the vagina. There may be itching and pain or restlessness at night. Many children grind their teeth.

You may be able to see the worms migrating at night near the rectum. Take a flashlight at night while your child is sleeping.

A chewable prescription medication kills the worms. If more than one person in the family is infected, I will treat the whole family at the same time.

Pinworm (appearance of infestation when using flashlight at night near anal opening).


Treatment is now available over the counter and inexpensive. Reese's Pinworm Medication is safe and includes a prescription level ingredient: Pyrantel Pamoate. 1 pill and repeat again in a week.