Toilet Training

There are many ways to toilet train your child. Here are some ideas which might be helpful when you decide to try. A potty chair can be given to your child sometime after he or she is 18 months old. The similarity between the parents chair and the child’s chair is then pointed out repeatedly.

Each day at the same time, take the child  to sit on the potty chair. The first few times, leave the child’s clothes on so the chair does not seem cold. Stay with your child, talking or reading a story. If your child wants to get off the chair, permission should be given.

After your child seems to be cooperating with the first part of the training, continue the daily trips without the diaper. As your child’s interest grows, make a second trip each day, ideally after a diaper is soiled. Change your child on the chair and drop the soiled diaper in the chair. Then remind your child how to use the chair.

When your child understands and cooperates willingly, he or she will eventually, use the chair to urinate or have a bowel movement. At that point take your child to the potty chair several times a day to catch his or her urine or stool. If your looses interest, you will need to go back to an earlier step in the training process. When your child looses complete interest, stop the whole process and restart at a later date.

Do not start your child too early, around 18 months is average, but it may be nearly two years before some are ready. Watch for signs of readiness. Many children appear uncomfortable after soiling their diaper and may even tell you. If your child becomes fearful or resistive, don’t force the issue. Do not spank or scold your child for lapses. Anger and irritation could make your child more resistive and increase guilt feelings. Praise your child for using the potty.

Training panties may be helpful and make your child more aware of bowel and bladder function. Modern diapers are so absorbent, your child may not even be aware of urine or be uncomfortable. If none of the above works, don’t worry because most children toilet train themselves between 2½ to 3 years. Many normal children wet their beds at night until they are six or older.