3 Year Visit Edited Bright Futures By Mark M Simonian MD

Reading and Talking with Your Child
1. Read books, sing songs, and play rhyming games with your child each day
2. Reading together and talking about a books story and pictures helps your child read
3. Use books as a way to talk together
4. Look for ways to practice reading everywhere you go like stop signs or signs in a store
5. Ask your child questions about the story or pictures. Ask your child to tell you a part of the part
6. Ask your child to tell you about his or her day, friends, and activities

Your Active Child
1. Except for sleeping children should not be inactive for more than an hour
2. Be active as a family together
3. Limit video, TV and gaming no more than 1-2 hours a day. 
4. No TV in bedroom
5. Be sure that your child is active at home and daycare
6. Make sure any ads or TV are appropriate for their age.

Family Support
1. Take time for yourself and your spouse
2. Parents should keep connected with friends and family, their personal interests and works
3. Be aware that your parents may have different parenting styles than you
4. Give your child a chance to make choices
5. Show your child how to handle anger  like time alone, respectful talk, and being active. Stop hitting, biting and other fighting immediately
6. Reinforce rules and encourage good behavior
7. USe time outs or take away what causing the problem
8. Have regular play times and meals ass a family

1. Use a forward facing safety seat in the back seat of all vehicles
2. Never leave your child alone in the car, home, or yard
3. Do not let young brothers or sisters watch over your child
4. Your child is too young to cross the street alone
5. Move furniture away from open windows
6. Store guns and ammunition is a safe location away from children's access
7. Supervise safe play away from streets

Play with others
1. Playing with other preschoolers helps ready them for school
2. Give your child a variety of toys for dress up
3. Help your child take turns when playing

4 Year Old Visit