7 to 8 Year Visit from Bright Futures Edited By Mark M Simonian MD

Staying Healthy
1. Eaten together as a family
2. Start the day with a breakfast
3. Buy fat free or low fat milk and dairy
4. Limit soft drink, juice, candy, chips, and high fat foods
5. Include 5 servings of vegetables and fruit with meals and snacks
6. Limit TV and computer time to 2 hours or less a day
7. Encourage your child to be at least 1 hour a day

1. Your child should always ride in the rear seat of the car until 8 years of age
2. Teach your child to swim and should not be left alone around water
3. Use sunscreen when outside
4. Provide a good safety helmet when active on bikes, skating or sking
5. Keep your home and car smoke free
6. Keep an weapons in the home in a secure location including ammunition
7. Watch child's computer time and safe guard against browsing unsafe websites with parental software
8. Know your child's friends and family
9. Teach your child emergency plans like how to react if there is a fire
10. Teach your child how and when to call 911
11. Teach your child how to be safe around adults
12. No one should be asked to keep a secret from the child's parents
12. No should be asked to see the child's private parts or ask for help with their private parts

Your Growing Child
1. Give your child chores to do and expect them to be done
2. Hug, praise, and take pride in your child for good behavior and doing well in school
3. Be a good role model
4. Do not hit or allow others to hit
5. Help your child do things for themselves
6. Teach your child to help others
7. Discuss rules and consequences with your child
8. Be aware of puberty and body changes in your child
9. Answer your child's questions simply
10. Talk about what worries your child

1. Attend back to school night, parent -teacher events, and other school activities
2. Talk to child and child's teach about bullies
3.Talk to your child's teach if you think your child needs extra help or tutoring
4. Your child's teacher can help with evaluations for special help, if your child is not well in school.

Healthy Teeth
1. Help your child brush twice a day after breakfast and before bedtime with a small amount or fluoride tooth paste; don't rinse out with water
2. Help yopur child floss once a day
3. Dental visits twice a year
4. If your child plays a sport you should consider a mouth guard for him or her to protect their teeth