9 to 10 Year Visit from Bright Futures Edited By Mark M Simonian MD

Staying Healthy
1. Encourage healthy eating
2. Use fat free milk or low fat dairy products, and use 3 servings a day include 5 servings or fruits and vegetables with meals and snacks
3. Limit TV and computer time to 2 hours a day
4. Try to have your child play for at least 1 hour a day
5. Eat as family when possible

1. The back seat of the car is the safest spot in the car until age 13 years
2. Teach swimming and watch when your child swims
3. Use 15 SPF or higher for a sunscreen when outside
4. Use a well-fitted helmet when doing biking, skating, snowboarding, and skiing
5. Make a plan for situations when your child does not feel safe
6. Get to know your child's friends and family
7. Store any guns and ammunition in a safe location

Your Growing Child
1. Be a model for your child by saying you are sorry when you make a mistake
2. Show your child to use words when angry
3. Teach your child to help others
4. Let your child have his or her space
5. Watch your child and his or her friends when they play
6. Your child's friend are very important to them
7. Answer questions about puberty
8. Talk to your child about delaying sexual behavior and encourage them to ask questions
9. No one should ask your child to keep secrets
10. No one should see your child's private parts or ask for help with his private parts

1. Show interest in school activities
2. If you have questions about your child's school work and behavior speak with the treacher
3. Praise your child for good performance
4. Set routines for school work and a quiet place for home work
5. Talk with child and teacher about any bullying

Healthy Teeth
1. Encourage twice daily brushing of teeth morning and night
2. You only need a small amount of tooth paste for brushing and visit dentist twice a year
3. Help with flossing once a day
4. Consider a mouth guard for any sports where there is contact