After Hours Call Group

I am associated with 10 other  pediatricians and nurses with whom I share patient calls after hours. I believe that you will enjoy and profit from this association. You will not only benefit from excellent telephone advice from experienced medical professionals but will have access to extended weekend sick visit hours available in a first class medical facility.

If you feel your child needs to be seen before my regular office hours during the week, there will be open office hours every Saturday and Sunday morning around 9 am to 12 noon. Families are suggested to go to Peachwood Medical Group on Herndon and Villa in Clovis. Pediatricians usually staff that facility.

I am still the only one you will see during regular office hours. I am not in a group practice, but share call with other pediatricians who are in Northwest and Peachwood Pediatric Medical Groups and Dr. Shahinfar and Cesar Vasquez.

As always when you have questions after hours, you can refer to my childcare advice in the menu bar above. I am proud to say that the information on this site was used by Valley Children’s Hospital  Poison Control Centers as the basis of the telephone advice they give to callers all over California and for the ChildNet Medical Associates Web site.

Hospital care of your child

There may be some situations when your child is ill or has a health problem requiring hospitalization at Valley Children’s Hospital. I work with general pediatricians (hospitalists) based at the hospital to assist with the care of your child. They will be responsible for your child’s care while they are in the hospital. After their care is complete I will take over care.

Doctors I share call with:

Northwest (Northwest Medical Group, 4770 W. Herndon #108, Fresno 93722 271-6302):
Drs. Marina Alper, Vivian Hernandez, John Lattin and John Kim

Peachwood (Peachwood Medical Group, 275 W. Herndon, Clovis 93612 32406202):
Drs. Amy Evans, Diane Hubbard, Marty Martin, Brad Sumrell, and William Van Beever

Shared separate practice:
Drs. K. Shahinfar and Cesar Vasquez